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I’ve just been spending the whole evening with your book. I feel so fascinated by your story and I love the way you’re describing both breathtaking and funny situations ... (from Facebook)
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Absolutely Compelling I could not put this book down and I am not an avid reader, getting bored quickly. I loved every moment of her journey and her easy writing style! Salute this amazi...
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FANTASTIC BOOK! I LOVED every page of this book and didn't want it to end. I have read many travelogues and this was by far my favourite. I enjoyed Dot's candid style of writing and she ...
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Going Home to Africa

Follow my dream to return to the African country of my birth from the continent of my heritage and the adventure that will take from from Europe down the bulge of Africa into South Central Africa.
How does one describe Dot Bekker, other than eccentric?  She always has trouble describing herself as she says "I do many things, only some of them well, I keep learning new and exiting things that I want to try'.  For starters she is an intrepid and adventurous traveller, Business Coach and Entrepreneur Strategist, she creates websites ...and consults on social media, she is a speaker and presenter and has been interviewed by people worldwide, she is also an author and philanthropist having a small non-profit for the education of high achieving girls into high school (www.kusasa.africa). You can also follow her journey and travels on  Facebook  or   Instagram More
Going Home to Africa is the story of Dot Bekker's journey home.  Having left Zimbabwe, the country she was born and raised in, in 1981 and lived in 5 other countries on 2 continents, after 20 years in Europe, it was time to go home.   Her drive took her 8.5 months, 20 000 kms through 18 West African countries to get to Zimbabwe.&nbs...p; She had the time of my life and celebrated her 60th birthday 4 days after arriving back in Africa, a milestone she was set on achieving. Find more posts on  Facebook   or   Instagram More

About Dot

Dot is Zimbabwean born and raised and after having lived in Europe for 20 years she decided to return home but uniquely she decided to drive  through Africa to get there.

She achieved her dream by driving 20,000kms through 18 West African countries over 8.5 months on her own for most of the journey.  Her book of the same title will soon be launched,and you can find out more about Dot or subscribe to the Blog for more.


Kusasa Scholarship Fund

Alongside my journey I've decided to raise funds for scholarships for girl's education in Zimbabwe, find out more about that here, to contribute to the Scholarship Fund please do so here.