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BlueBelle ... my new friend

BlueBelle ... my new friend

Finally, here is an introduction to BlueBelle my new friend with whom I intend to drive home to Zimbabwe ... InShaAllah (god willing) as they say in Arabic.

As per my last blog here are the details of the van, whom I have affectionately called BlueBelle.

MAKE:       Ford

MODEL:     Transit 190 LWB

YEAR:        1998

ENGINE:     2496cc - Diesel (Heavy Oil)

She started out life working for a church as a disability and community vehicle and at some time she was a general runabout van for someone who didn't really look after her.  She came to me from a dealer East of London. 

She was really dirty inside and stank of oil (I think they used oil to shine up the floors and mats but the smell was awful) so the first job was to clean her out inside, which took 3 passes.  Next it was important to remove the back seats which I don't need and the front had 2 passenger seats, so those needed to go too so that I can replace them and the driver's seat (also in bad condition) with 2 swivel captain seats.  I also needed to remove the rear disability lift which blocked the entire back door but also clangs and bangs with every bump and weighs a ton.

While I didn't really want a van with windows (being that they are both a security risk, let in too much sun and wall space is important for storage) but as not everything was possible it was important to work on the windows.  I decided to put film on the windows, a) to reduce the sunlight coming into the van which makes it even hotter inside and b) to improve the privacy so that anyone looking inside was able to see as litle as possible.  I have lots to do!

So below is a brief overview video of BlueBelle.

I'll keep you posted on the upgrades and new bits as I do them.

Thanks for continuing to read, comment, follow and share - it's great to know that you're out there.




First things first!
The Van ... unicorn or donkey

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

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