My drive through Africa took 8.5 months, writing the book took 7 months, the editing, proof reading, publishing and such took a further 8 months ... all in all the book took more time and headaches than the journey ... well OK, maybe they are on a par!

I've never written a book before, well that's not entirely true ... I have written a book but it is still in a folder tucked away looking for a rewrite ... However, this was the first time ever that anyone wanted me to write a book and after my journey so many of my followers wanted to read about all of my journey so I felt compelled to write ... The Book!

I decided early on that I needed to give the story some context as I'm often asked what set me out on this journey and so there needed to be some part about the what, why and how before launching into the journey itself.

I set out the book with chapter headings first and decided on a chapter per country ... there were 18 of them and it might have become confusing to tell one country from another.  I also decided that I would tell the story as though I was taking the reader along with me.  I'm not a descriptive writer and frankly there weren't things of great descriptive glory every day ... other than the glorious sunrises and sunsets ... 

So the book is written in a style that is familiar and in my own voice and I'm hoping that it will delight my faithful followers.

I have so many people to thank for supporting the book into publication, my Editor - Andrea Murphy of The Perfect Wordsmith, she showed me why so many writers are effusive about their editors because she truly brought the (many) words a touch of magic.  Thanks to Elitsa Simova and Ben Randell for their excellent proof reading.  Also to Graeme Bell, intrepid overlander and author of many books - A2Aexpedition whom I met while on the road and wrote my Foreword.  As with all good things in life they are never achieved in isolation.

The book launches on 30 March on the website and it may be some days later before Amazon launches.

I would welcome your reviews on the website, on Amazon, on Facebook ... the more you like the more girls are also helped with their education as at least $1 from each book goes to the education of girls in Zimbabwe.