El Miracle, Solsona

There is this notion that that at this time of year there is a thinning of the separation between the world as we know it and the spirit world.  Whether this is true or not I cannot say but I do think that it is a noble thing to spend two days of each year thinking of the loved ones who have contributed to our lives and passed before us, as well as our ancestors who have paved this path for us to be where we are in the world today.

So this All Saints and All Souls day I took a moment to stop in at a most magnificent chapel that I had briefly visited before.  I happened to be passing and felt it was fitting to stop here.

Having been raised a Catholic I still have some traditions that remain, even after many years of non-affiliation.  I remain respectful of the spiritual atmosphere that remains in some of these sacred held places, for centuries people have come to churches and chapels with their highest ideals and sincerest wishes and in many cases you can feel this.  I also like to light a candle for those who passed before you.  It is not so much the candle but the time one takes, the light in the darkness, the time one takes to meditate the life and impact of family and friends who are no more.

Many people feel that the topic of death is morbid and so we avoid discussing the dead and in doing so we fail to honour their contribution to our lives.  So personally, I have made it a personal tradition to comit some time, at this time of year especially, in gratitude to the wonderful people who have contributed to who I am today. 

The photograph is of the chapel at El Miracle, near Solsona in Catalunya.  This Monestary chapel has this magnificent altar piece carved out of wood and painted primarily in gold leaf.  The dreary exterior belies what you find when you walk through the large doors.