Things to do ...

It has been great to meet so many people who are interested in my trip and have offered ideas and suggestions, given advise and sage wisdom, all of this has been appreciated.  However, the one question that I do get asked the most is "when are you going".  Some people believe that it's a bit like deciding to drive to Greece and all I need to do is get in my car and go.

Regrettably the reality is that in order to do this trip well there are not only a lot of things that I need but many things that also need to be organised.  I am conscious that I have not yet found any other woman who has undertaken this journey on this route on her own.  There are a number of men who have undertaken it and some couples but I've yet to find a woman who has done it.  So I am trying to ensure that I not only succeed but perhaps inspire other women who would like to undertake an adventure such as this.

So the planning has begun and the journey may take up to 6 months so I need to be sure of a number of things, including my own safety. 

Thus I thought I would share with you the Things that need to be done before I can establish a date.

I think you're getting the picture that this is going to be quite a lot of planning and working out the dependancies of one action upon another.  So the short answer the the question of 'when are you going?' is ... I'm not sure but I'm planning on first half of 2017.

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Until next time ...