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This is the story of an amazingly courageous woman who traveled from Europe to Zimbabwe on her own, and what a story it is!This book reall...
Dot Bekker…my favourite person. I feel like I know but I don’t. I’ve read your book describing your amazing journey about going home to Zimbabwe...
What an amazing read,what a brave woman!!!I just cant put the book down, shes such a good writer ❤️ (Facebook)
This book was an answered prayer, a daily entertainment and a true inspiration. I feel like I know Dot personally after reading this book....
I found “Going Home to Africa” a gripping, authentic, informative and humorous book! Gripping…in the countless unpredictable travel/r...
From the first chapter I was hooked and followed Dot's adventures down the coast of West Africa with awe. I bought the book because I too am con...
Dot took me on the journey of a lifetime. I witnessed the challenges, frustrations, joys and overwhelming beauty of Africa from the comfort of m...
I had the pleasure of meeting Dot when she was living in Solsona and have followed her adventures on Going Home to Africa on IG. I have been so ...
This is a brilliant story of a lovely lady driving solo from Northern Africa through many countries to go home to Zimbabwe. This touches my hear...
Going home to Africa is an honest, humble and uplifting account of an incredible adventure and Dot’s fighting spirit and firm belief in the univ...
Absolutely Compelling I could not put this book down and I am not an avid reader, getting bored quickly. I loved every moment of her jou...
FANTASTIC BOOK! I LOVED every page of this book and didn't want it to end. I have read many travelogues and this was by far my favourite...
My first impression was just: Wow! Hats off! What an impressive book... I can already now say that it is, along with Doris Kearns Goodwin's Pulitze...
Dot is one of the most amazing "road" friends we made while overlanding through Africa, and whatever we were doing she brought a tremendous sense o...
I absolutely love travelling so this story really spoke to me. Having followed Dot in real time on her epic journey, I’m now absolutely loving the ...
I think the fact that you share ALL of your experiences, good and bad, and do NOT leave out the huge challenges and obstacles you had to face on a ...
I’ve just been spending the whole evening with your book. I feel so fascinated by your story and I love the way you’re describing both breathtaking...
Absolutely loved it. Very inspiring and Dot I would love to meet you one day when I visit Zimbabwe again. Thank you for sharing this amazing story....
I have just finished reading Going Home to Africa and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more as the journey went on... Her experiences become more ...

Going Home to Africa

Follow my dream to return to the African country of my birth from the continent of my heritage and the adventure that will take from from Europe down the bulge of Africa into South Central Africa.

Interview - The Inspired Nomads

I was pleased to be interviewed by traveller Heather Markel who also interviews other travellers and their journey's.  Below is the interview   Heather Markel and Dot Bekker discuss the value of leaving stability - especially when what's keeping you stable is also keeping you tethered to unhappiness and stuff. There are some excellent insights in this interview, especially for those of you on the fence about leaving stability. You'll want to listen to this one! Dot Bekker heads up a great girl's education charity, Kusasa. You can learn more about it at and on Facebook at Dot...
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Radio Interview - Capitalk with Joe Mars

I had an amazing interview with Joe Mars of Capitalk Radio 100.4FM.  Joe also visited with BlueBelle and I for a cup of coffee. The podcast of the interview is below:   The Facebook video of Joe's visit for coffee, link is below:  
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The Roads of Africa

Bad doesn't even describe some roads
There is very little that can prepare you for the roads of Africa if you are overlanding, I’ve met seasoned overlanders who have been unpleasantly surprised and challenged by the roads I encountered. My best advice is … be prepared for anything and everything. Alongside that I would add that I would highly recommend you don’t attempt overlanding in some parts of Africa in the wet season, unless you are into mud and digging and probably a bit of a masochist. I opted for a 2WD vehicle because I couldn’t afford a 4x4 and I had the firm belief that...
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Global Travel Podcast

It was a great pleasure to be able to join Mark Philpott ont he Global Podcast Travel and discuss my journey with him.  Find the link to the Podcast below ... and many other great travel stories.   Global Travel Channel Podcast Show   -    9/17/2019 Walking out on a broken marriage and with little money Dot Bekker was closing in on age 60. She decided to challenge herself, a van and the African continent. What happened next was extraordinary. Driving solo for 20'000kms she ventured into territories and country's where not so long ago wars were raging....
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Delano - Luxembourg - Follow-up Interview

Jessica Bauldry of Delano once again interviewed me after the completion of my journey to Zimbabwe.   See the article online on the Delano website.  
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Personal Safety Tips

Kings of Nigeria & Father Godfrey of Songhai
I've been asked frequently about my safety, as a woman, during my journey through Africa and people are usually surprised at how few problems I had.  To be honest I was never mugged or attacked, I fell prey to a switch and bait but other than that I never feared for my safety.  Perhaps it was luck, perhaps I did the right things. I have to say that I didn't go into Africa with a Pollyanna approach, I took lots of precautions, most of them small but they all added to my safety and personal confidence.  I believe that personal...
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Short Film Entry - The Life in Your Years

I was approached by Nathalie Baker who found my story inspirational and wanted to use it to enter into a short film competition.  She joined me for 3 days on the road when she filmed away as we drove through some beautiful areas of Morocco.  This is the film entry.   It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years. And with her 60th birthday fast approaching, Dot decides to live out the adventure of her dreams - a solo 20,000 km journey across Africa in a van she built herself. Is life over at 60?...
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In the beginning there was Monty

The job of updating my own websites always falls to the bottom of the list but as I was limited to working in front of a wood burner (because it was freezing cold everywhere else) I thought it was an ideal time to do what was long overdue. As I found myself reading through the pages and updating them, I realised that some time ago I mentioned Monty on my About me page and promised to blog about him... but then never followed through on that so I thought this was a good time to do so.   In 2008, when...
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The Living and the Dead

There is this notion that that at this time of year there is a thinning of the separation between the world as we know it and the spirit world.  Whether this is true or not I cannot say but I do think that it is a noble thing to spend two days of each year thinking of the loved ones who have contributed to our lives and passed before us, as well as our ancestors who have paved this path for us to be where we are in the world today. So this All Saints and All Souls day I...
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Letz Cast Podcast

I had met Jessica Bauldry when she interviewed me on the phone for an article which she published in the Luxembourg magazine Delano.   She had been inspired by what I was aiming to do and wanted to take a different angle by interviewing me for her personal podcast.   I was, at the time, already in Barcelona and working on BlueBelle when she did the interview.  Technology enabling me to be sitting in the back of the van in the street in Barcelona while she was in Luxembourg.   Follow the link to hear the podcast  Many of may know her...
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Oh the heat!

After finishing BlueBelle and starting to take her out on some test drives I started to realise how hot it was becoming.  Not too much of a problem when you're parked up somewhere and can open doors and windows wide but it was getting too hot for comfort.  So what was next?  I wasn't planning to leave for Africa until the fall when the worst of the heat had passed ... not certain I wanted to face Morocco or Mauritania and the edge of the Sahara in the midst of Northern Hemisphere summer.  So finding a place to hide out...
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Magazine Interview - Celsona (Solsona Magazine)

In the summer of 2018 I spent several months in Solsona, Catalonia in Spain and was welcomed by the local community and made some life-long friends.  To me it was the first time in Europe that I felt at home.  Despite not speaking the language Catalan (a mixture of French and Spanish), or Spanish, yet whether they understood me or not they made me welcome and it remains a memorable time.   The people also embraced me by helping me raise funds for Kusasa and the local Language school (EOI Manresa and Solsona) remains a loyal supporter of our girls. Celsona...
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Welcome Home

At some stage once the structure of the internal build was done things started to move on at a better pace, or perhaps it was just that my muscles were better attuned and I was better skilled. There was the seating area, finishing the internal structure of the kitchen cabinet, installing the sink and water bottles, the secure storage areas and not to exclude the book shelves. Slowly I added some colour with plastic sticker tiles, my Africa map, the quotes and sayings that I like to have around, curtains were cut and sewn, cushion covers made and suddenly it...
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Let the building begin!

September arrived and the days were slightly cooler and less crowded than they had been and I started to take early morning walks around to see some of the sites and visit markets (ever seeking bargains). It was also time to buy the panels for the sides and walls that we had been waiting for before getting on with building and then the panels of pine to build the structure framework. My nephew’s business had not ceased or let up during the summer months and he was soon to depart for South Africa so knowing it was pointless waiting for...
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Barcelona ... (cue Freddy Mercury)

I had come to Barcelona to stay with my nephew who is a multi-talented man in the construction business. He has a workshop in the city where he has lived for 15+ years. I had come to build out the inside of BlueBelle into a home, my home on wheels that would make me independent and take me home to Zimbabwe on my drive through Africa. My nephew’s workshop was the ideal place to do this. Note that, like many in Barcelona, my nephew has made a living space in his workshop and there wasn’t really room for one more,...
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Lock, Stock and BlueBelle

Returning to Luxembourg was necessary to settle personal matters and put into play the registration for the non-profit I wanted to start for girl’s education as well as picking up the 35 boxes, chair, table and carpet I had left in storage in my friend’s garage. My intention to return to Africa is a one-way direction and without a location or destination at present in Zimbabwe it means that I have to either pay storage for my goods while I am away for an indeterminate period of time or reduce to a size where I can impose my things on...
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The Heroine's Journey

This was one of my first interviews, below is the link to the article and the text is below. The Heroine's Journey What is the best thing that I love about my work? My work for over a decade has been working with Entrepreneurs which I truly love. Entrepreneurship brings people such a feeling of independence and freedom. However, right now I am working on returning home to my country of birth, Zimbabwe. I am planning to drive home, through 20+ countries and 20000km, on my own. At the same time I plan to raise funds to help promising young...
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DELANO - Luxembourg - Interview

My first interview was with Delano Magazine in Luxembourg.  They had got to know me in my term as President of The Network, a women's organisation in Luxembourg.   Read the full article on their website  
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Life is on the other side of fear.

Leaving the UK after living in a friend’s loft during a cold and wet winter (two of my favourite things ... not!) left me with dual feelings. Firstly I was glad to get out of the UK, one of the reasons I left 9 years previously is that there are so many people then there is the big brother controls which are everywhere (leaving you feeling safer but at the same time without any privacy), additionally now (with Brexit fever) ever more than before an unsettling feeling within the country of rising intolerance and strife and of course the weather....
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First things first!

You've met BlueBelle, now it's the serious work of getting her ready to go.  I'm still a long way off setting out, especially because I still need to earn/raise a large sum of money to cover the costs of the journey.  But I've always believed that in order to get success you have to at least be on the path heading toward it.  Thus, I continue with 'the plan' despite not quite knowing if I can manifest it. First thing was to clean out the van and try to rid it of the disgusting smell of oil.  I think they...
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About Dot

Dot is Zimbabwean born and raised and after having lived in Europe for 20 years she decided to return home but uniquely she decided to drive  through Africa to get there.

She achieved her dream by driving 20,000kms through 18 West African countries over 8.5 months on her own for most of the journey.  Her book of the same title will soon be launched,and you can find out more about Dot or subscribe to the Blog for more.


Kusasa Scholarship Fund

Alongside my journey I've decided to raise funds for scholarships for girl's education in Zimbabwe, find out more about that here, to contribute to the Scholarship Fund please do so here.