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This is the story of an amazingly courageous woman who traveled from Europe to Zimbabwe on her own, and what a story it is!This book reall...
Dot Bekker…my favourite person. I feel like I know but I don’t. I’ve read your book describing your amazing journey about going home to Zimbabwe...
What an amazing read,what a brave woman!!!I just cant put the book down, shes such a good writer ❤️ (Facebook)
This book was an answered prayer, a daily entertainment and a true inspiration. I feel like I know Dot personally after reading this book....
I found “Going Home to Africa” a gripping, authentic, informative and humorous book! Gripping…in the countless unpredictable travel/r...
From the first chapter I was hooked and followed Dot's adventures down the coast of West Africa with awe. I bought the book because I too am con...
Dot took me on the journey of a lifetime. I witnessed the challenges, frustrations, joys and overwhelming beauty of Africa from the comfort of m...
I had the pleasure of meeting Dot when she was living in Solsona and have followed her adventures on Going Home to Africa on IG. I have been so ...
This is a brilliant story of a lovely lady driving solo from Northern Africa through many countries to go home to Zimbabwe. This touches my hear...
Going home to Africa is an honest, humble and uplifting account of an incredible adventure and Dot’s fighting spirit and firm belief in the univ...
Absolutely Compelling I could not put this book down and I am not an avid reader, getting bored quickly. I loved every moment of her jou...
FANTASTIC BOOK! I LOVED every page of this book and didn't want it to end. I have read many travelogues and this was by far my favourite...
My first impression was just: Wow! Hats off! What an impressive book... I can already now say that it is, along with Doris Kearns Goodwin's Pulitze...
Dot is one of the most amazing "road" friends we made while overlanding through Africa, and whatever we were doing she brought a tremendous sense o...
I absolutely love travelling so this story really spoke to me. Having followed Dot in real time on her epic journey, I’m now absolutely loving the ...
I think the fact that you share ALL of your experiences, good and bad, and do NOT leave out the huge challenges and obstacles you had to face on a ...
I’ve just been spending the whole evening with your book. I feel so fascinated by your story and I love the way you’re describing both breathtaking...
Absolutely loved it. Very inspiring and Dot I would love to meet you one day when I visit Zimbabwe again. Thank you for sharing this amazing story....
I have just finished reading Going Home to Africa and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more as the journey went on... Her experiences become more ...

Going Home to Africa

Follow my dream to return to the African country of my birth from the continent of my heritage and the adventure that will take from from Europe down the bulge of Africa into South Central Africa.

BlueBelle ... my new friend

Finally, here is an introduction to BlueBelle my new friend with whom I intend to drive home to Zimbabwe ... InShaAllah (god willing) as they say in Arabic. As per my last blog here are the details of the van, whom I have affectionately called BlueBelle. MAKE:       Ford MODEL:     Transit 190 LWB YEAR:        1998 ENGINE:     2496cc - Diesel (Heavy Oil) She started out life working for a church as a disability and community vehicle and at some time she was a general runabout van for someone who didn't really look after her.  She came to me from a dealer East...
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The Van ... unicorn or donkey

Finding the right vehicle has been a true challenge.  My earlier specifications were quite specific but getting all of those to fit into my within my budget meant that instead of a sparkling unicorn I probably settled for a very solid donkey, not too pretty but should do the job just as well. I've come to realise that not having paid any attention to vehicles, but for the basics, has been a disadvantage, however, I've done a lot of work to understand and learn more, hence I came up with the list that I published earlier.  I'm really grateful to...
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Alternative Living

In 2008 Monty (so called as he was a Ford Tioga Montego) was to be my new home for a while, at least on a journey around Europe to see some of the places never yet seen.  In hindsite he was too big but at the time it seemed a reasonable space to live in for 2 people and 2 dogs.  Monty, as I said was a Ford Tioga Montego RV.  He (he because he was a beast and not in the least bit she) had a V8 engine running on either Petrol or LPG and had long range tanks...
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Unexpected Inspiration

In planning this journey, it can be overwhelming and there are days when I wonder where or why I thought of it and then I sit quitely and it usually passes and my enthusiams is renewed by a message, kind word, post share, it can be anything at all.  The past few months have been challenging, there is no easy way to pass from one life into another without sadness and reflection.  Add to this the grey days (a whole new 50 shades of grey!) in UK, while I'm waiting for some things to resolve and looking for a vehicle...
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What I need is a Unicorn!

Any of you following me thus far will have noted my several and many promises to blog about vehicles and today I've decided to put all the confusing, conflicting and helpful information together into a blog.  It should be easy right, just get a camper and head out.  If ONLY!  It is one of the most difficult things thus far.  I guess it is only difficult because I'm doing this on a tight budget and if I had tens of thousands of € or £ the entire thing would be over and done with.  But as the saying goes "beggars...
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The cost of moving on ...

Two months since I last blogged ... what on earth have I been doing?? I have been doing a lot to move my life in a new direction but there is a cost that isn't just monetary when we make changes.  It is often said that moving house is one of the top stressors but I think that moving life from one stage to another may top that.  It is never easy to say goodbye to the people, places and even my lovely dog (who left at 17.5 years old). I've also realised that when you're moving on you need...
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Things to do ...

It has been great to meet so many people who are interested in my trip and have offered ideas and suggestions, given advise and sage wisdom, all of this has been appreciated.  However, the one question that I do get asked the most is "when are you going".  Some people believe that it's a bit like deciding to drive to Greece and all I need to do is get in my car and go. Regrettably the reality is that in order to do this trip well there are not only a lot of things that I need but many things...
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Route map

In a previous post I discussed the route that I am planning but I've been getting more questions so here is a visual Google Earth image with an approximation of the route. This route is not the final route but it gives everyone a better idea of what I have in mind.  There is much about the route that may change as I need visas for almost every country so if I am denied any of these I will obviously have to adjust accordingly.
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Aren't people interesting?!

What happens when you announce to the people you know, and the world at large (once it's on Facebook it's everywhere) that you're going to do something unusual? I'm very interested in psychology, non-verbal communication, face traits, psychometry, behaviours and in general people, so I'm a people watcher, even more interesting is what people tell you when they don't realise they're telling you. Back to my annoucement quickly, I expected most people to tell me I had obviously hit menopause and lost my brain cells, and yet there must be something about me, as most people I've told, have been...
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Planning the Route

Apart from the people suggesting that I should fly like everyone else, I've also had a number of recommendations on the route I should take, from taking Eastern or Western routes and cutting through the Sahara desert. In addition I've also read a number of books of people who have taken trips from North to South and the challenges and benefits of each. I've had to take several factors into account when making my decision; Firstly I'm a woman, travelling on my own, I hate sand (you'll seldom find me on a beach never mind in the middle of a...
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The Response to the Idea

When I started to speak to people about my idea to drive through Africa to reach home I have to confess I did so reluctantly as there are those people who are dream stealers and while I have thought through all (well probably not ALL, but many) of the pros and cons I still want to do it and I didn't want to be drowning in alarming stories or warnings.  However, I was surprised and delighted by the response and support I've received by most people.  Of course there have been many comments, like you're very brave, which somehow I've...
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The idea

I'm regularly asked how I came up with the idea to drive home.  After all I've lived outside my country of birth for 35 years and have not returned for the past 25 years, why would I conceivably want to return now? Like the best ideas, it came about as a convergence of times, experience and circumstance.  So there isn't a clear one line answer to this, but I'll try to not only put my thoughts into writing but also to share them with you. Firstly, although I've been outside my country (for those who don't know, it is Zimbabwe)...
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About Dot

Dot is Zimbabwean born and raised and after having lived in Europe for 20 years she decided to return home but uniquely she decided to drive  through Africa to get there.

She achieved her dream by driving 20,000kms through 18 West African countries over 8.5 months on her own for most of the journey.  Her book of the same title will soon be launched,and you can find out more about Dot or subscribe to the Blog for more.


Kusasa Scholarship Fund

Alongside my journey I've decided to raise funds for scholarships for girl's education in Zimbabwe, find out more about that here, to contribute to the Scholarship Fund please do so here.