Going Home to Africa (.mobi) Featured !

Arriving back in Africa just days before her 60th Birthday Dot Bekker set out to drive the West Coast of Africa to return home to the country of her birth, Zimbabwe.

This book is a journal of her journey, the ups and downs, the funny and bizzare encounters, the happy smiles and waves of the local people and the captivating vast landscapes.  Journey with Dot as she takes you through each of the countries she traversed and follow her journey within as much as the one she undertook.

She admits that she was totally unprepared for what was to come and yet armed with her wits and her trusty 2 wheel drive Ford Transit they conquered routes that intimidated even the most seasoned of overlanders.

20000km ~ 8.5 months ~ 19 African countries
"WINNER 2019/20 - Most Inspiring Guest - Global Travel Channel"
This is an eBook (.mobi for Kindle) edition of the book and does not contain photographs.